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Everyone, of course, has legalese. We try to keep ours pretty straightforward. If you do have any questions, just contact us and we'll help get it sorted out.




  • Reservations can be made online or through the Box Office by calling 712-255-9536.

  • Reservations made through the Box Office must be paid BEFORE the Box Office closes on the day you are attending! Our house managers are volunteers, and unpaid reservations greatly complicate the job they do for us. Any seats on an unpaid reservation are released at close of Box Office (5PM) for the performance that evening - but don't worry! You can still purchase your tickets at the door. IMPORTANT: If your reservation is for Saturday or Sunday, get in touch with Lindsay before 5PM the Friday before!

  • All reservations are 'Will Call' - this means that you don't have to come in to pick up any tickets in advance. We print them and have them waiting for you at the door on the night of your performance.

  • The house opens 45 minutes before the show starts. We do start our performances on time! Please plan to arrive at least 20-30 minutes before the start of the show. Now, this next bit is important: In the event of performances with a WAIT LIST (see WALK IN TICKETS), your tickets may be subject to resale if they have not been claimed! Don't freak out - at first glance that may seem uncool. But we're not trying to be mean. We just don't want to turn someone away if it turns out you're not going to make it. That's not cool either.

  • Online ordering closes at 5PM the day of the show. This gives us time to print out tickets and get prepared to see all your shiny happy faces that night. But if you miss the 'deadline', don't worry; you can still buy tickets at the door!



  • This is pretty straightforward. House opens 45 minutes before the start of show - you can arrive any time from then until showtime to buy tickets at the door! (We do recommend arriving at least 30 minutes early though - this gives the house manager time to process everyone's tickets.)

  • Tickets can be purchased with cash, check or credit/debit card. 

  • SOLD OUT PERFORMANCES - In the event that a performance is sold out, you can elect to be put on a WAIT's pretty much what it sounds like. If there are unclaimed reservations, we do open those to resale as we get closer to curtain (that means 'show time' for non-theatre people). Patrons are placed on the WAIT LIST in the order they arrived and offered released tickets in that same order.



  • Group discounts are only available with reservations.

  • Payment on group reservations must be received 3 business days in advance. We accept cash, check or card.  If members of the group are paying for their tickets individually, all funds must be consolidated into a single payment.



  • A ticket purchased is a ticket purchased; if you buy a seat and just don't show up, there's nothing we can do. So please feel free to sell your tickets or send someone to use your tickets!

  • We understand that sometimes things come up. With advance notice, you may reschedule your ticket for another night.  Season members may reschedule with no fees.

  • We're like the Post Office - shows go on rain or shine. BUT in the unlikely event that a show is cancelled for any reason, you will be contacted to reschedule your ticket. If you are unable to attend another night, your purchase will be refunded.




There are different types of Gift Certificates - The regular old 'Good for $X' kind, Discounted/Donated, and those that come from an outside partner - like the Sioux City Journal's Deal of the Day

  • All certificates have an expiration date on them. Gift certificates issued by us are generally good for a year. If they come from someone else, we bow to their official rules. So, get 'em used!

  • When it comes to FUN-draisers, not all Gift Certificates are created equal! We cannot accept Discounted, Donated, or Outside Partner Certificates for these events. Regular gift certificates may be used.

  • Once you've purchased a ticket with a gift certificate, it is considered paid for and is subject to all ticketing rules.


  • At this time, Gift Certificates can't be used or purchased online. Call Lindsay at the Box Office to purchase or request one. We strongly advise getting a reservation through the Box Office; if you absolutely have to use one at the door, the certificate does need to be physically present for admission.




We feature a Flexible Membership, which means you can use your tickets in any combination you like throughout the season. Bring a guest, bring two! See a show twice! Membership tickets can be used for any show in the regular season (i.e. not a fundraiser).


As a season member, you can reschedule without a fee. You can also cancel a reservation in advance, and the ticket will be refunded to use at a different show. However, if you have reservations and do not show to use them without notice, that ticket will be considered used.


Season Memberships make great gifts! We just ask that you purchase them based on the age of the recipient, not the purchaser.


In the unfortunate event that a membership is unable to be used by the original owner (health issues, moving, etc.), the remainder of the membership may be transferred to another person. Contact Lindsay in the Box Office to make arrangements.



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