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Midsummer Night's Dream

Won't you be our Partner?

LAMB Arts is beginning a new recurring donation program, and we need your help! Every dollar makes a difference!

We need your help!

Lamb Theater has been recognized for the quality of its productions and is a creative home for artists from
a wide range of backgrounds...


It’s all about the Art!

Given the unsurpassed quality, range, and diversity of productions and programs, and a commitment to improving the quality of life in ourcommunity, we ask for your support!

Sign up today for Monthly Giving!
Every dollar makes a difference!

We aim to be a theatre for all - a place where diverse audiences experience extraordinary productions and arts programming!
Won’t you join us?


Imagine! You could see your donation in the costumes,set, and props of a Shakespearean play!
Feel your donation in the reaction of an audience as they experience an American classic coming to life!
Celebrate your donation in the eyes of a child on stage for the very first time!

Questions? Ask Here.

Ways to Give

Monthly Giving.
• Remember LAMB in your will.
Leave a lasting legacy. We recommend 'Leave A Message Siouxland' if you need help setting up a planned estate gift.
• Company partnerships. 
Many companies have donation sharing or charitable giving programs for their employees or customers. Check with your employer or financial institutions to see if they have such a program - and submit LAMB as a recipient! It's an easy way to make share those charitable dollars here in Siouxland!

Learn more about leaving a lasting legacy.

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