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The LAMB School of Theatre & Music

FAQs for the LAMB School


My child wants to act in plays; how do they audition?

We have two plays in THE Young People's Theatre at LAMB series that are cast exclusively for our students - these productions are staged as an extension of our students' learning process as a practical application of their classes here, and are not open to outside auditions. Throughout the school year we offer opportunities for families to to enjoy what is being taught through periodic showcases.  Our 40th Season, we will be producing MATILDA which has many young people's roles available, please contact our office 712-255-9536 to indicate your interest. 

What is a process-based presentation?

So glad you asked! A process-based presentation focuses on the how & the learning process rather than results. Basically, don't expect a polished full-fledged production. Very often, theatre slips into the product-based mindset, which is understandable - we have to get the show up, after all. But it's important to stress to our students that the creative process we use in creating theatre is just as important as the end result.

What will my child do in Creative Dramatics?

Creative Dramatics is the first step in actor's training and is an excellent way to familiarize a young child with the tools (the body, the voice, discipline, basic staging concepts) the actor needs to be successful and confident onstage. Using a child's natural curiosity and creativity, these classes provides a framework for future acting classes.

What is the difference between Acting and Musical Theatre Troupe?

Actually, the same concepts are covered in both acting and Musical Theatre Troupe acting.  The only difference is that with the Troupe all three performing arts disciplines are included as the course of study each week (acting, voice, and dance). In general, the students in Musical Theatre Troupe have had more onstage and class experience.

What if I want to take a class but the time doesn't work for me?

In our experience, theatre kids are busy kids. There are two classes whose times are never vary (MTT & ATA); for the rest of them, there's some flexibility. We can add class times as long as we have at least 5 students for it; so if you don't see an option that works for you ~ let us know what would work and we'll help to see if we can work that in.



What if classes are cancelled for weather?

We run according to the local Sioux City schools for cancellations and holidays; if they are let out early or after school activities are cancelled for inclimate weather, we cancel, too. We have spaces reserved makeup classes if this happens. Of course, use your best judgement, and don't travel if you don't feel safe. However, makeup classes won't be scheduled if classes were held.


Your classes have already started; can I still join?

Absolutely! Feel free to join us mid-year; we'll work with you to find the best start date and to get caught up. Tuition would be prorated based on your start date, so we will let you know what your adjusted tuition is.



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