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How big is the theatre?

The LAMB Theatre building houses two stages - the Mainstage, which seats up to 200, and The BOX stage, which seats 40 -50. Both of these spaces feature flexible seating which means that the chairs may be placed in various configurations to accommodate the special needs of the production. LAMB Theatre is known for its intimacy. Theatre so close, you can reach out and touch it.


Is there a dress code?

Short answer? Nope.

You'll see audience members in all sorts of attire. We've even had a fully dressed bridal party! You may see someone looking swanky if they're celebrating a special night, or just really like to dress up, but we also see a lot of jeans. Bottom line - dress how you dress. We want you to be comfortable.


Do I have to buy tickets ahead of time?

We sell tickets in advance and at the door the night of the performance. So if you don't have a reservation, please stop on by if your in the neighborhood. But a lot of people prefer to get a reservation so they can get the seats they like. AND if you have particular seating needs (wheelchair, walker, a group, difficulty with stairs, etc.), getting your seats in advance will help make sure you're in the best seats for your LAMB experience.


What if I buy a ticket and can't get to the show? Do I get a refund?

Standard box office procedures used throughout the theatre world are observed at LAMB Theatre. There are no refunds or exchanges of tickets. When you buy a ticket it belongs to you. If that should happen, the best thing to do is call a friend and have them use the ticket for that performance. Or you can reschedule your ticket for a small rescheduling fee. See our full Box Office Policy for details.


Are there discounts? (Groups, students, etc.)

Yes, yes and yes. We have discounts for groups starting with as few as 10 people. We also have our Student Rush ticket price for walk-in tickets - only $9 at the door for children through full-time college students. We also occasionally have great deals with outside vendors like the Sioux City Journal Deal of the Day or KSCJ Auctions. And keep an eye out for our 'Pay What You Will' nights!

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