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Production Team:

Director— Russell Wooley

Set Design— Russell Wooley

Lighting Design— Rick Goble

Costume Design— Randy Peters

Props— Alex Harder

Sound Design— Russell Wooley

Technical Team:

Set Construction— Russell Woods & Gregory Adler

Stage Manager— Alex Harder

Our Wonderful Season Partners:

Meet the Playwright
Kenneth Jones:

Kenneth Jones’ acclaimed play Alabama Story has been seen in more than 40 cities around the nation, including at LAMB Theatre. His work has been produced or developed at Pioneer Theatre Company, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Clarence Brown Theatre, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Peninsula Players, Florida Studio Theatre and beyond. Other work: Tennessee Williams Drank Here; Two Henrys; Hollywood, Nebraska; Circa 1976; Ten Minutes on a Bench; It Happened One Christmas; Naughty/Nice; Voice of the City. He is a member of Dramatists Guild.




There’s a small town in far western Nebraska where I’ve spent time, as an outsider, with people I love. Its heyday is over. Its population has dwindled to about 2,400. There is drought. Some storefronts are boarded up. There are farms both fallow and fertile. Missile silos that once held weapons aimed at Russia during the Cold War have been decommissioned. An oil boom ended. A railroad cuts through town, but it no longer offers passenger service. Interstate I-80 diverted traffic away from Main Street — the old Lincoln Highway — a long time ago. When I first visited there, I walked around the one-traffic-light downtown. I browsed at a thrift shop. I took pictures of broken windows at the Wheat Growers’ Hotel. I attended a church service. I shared dinners and played cards in a parlor with widows who loved to laugh and talk about their history. I was curious and inspired. I wondered about residents past and present — who left? who stayed? and why? — and it all made me think more deeply about what it means to lead a “creative life.” That dot on the map in the middle of nowhere was the jumping off point for my writing Hollywood, Nebraska.

---Kenneth Jones

Dramaturgical Research compiled by Alex Drinnen.

Cast List:

Jane: Lacey Friis
Lacey Friis.jpg

Lacey (Graves) Friis is a Sioux City native who grew up at LAMB since the age of seven, doing too many shows to name. She considers herself equally left and right brained, which explains her switch from classic vocal studies to the medical sciences. After moving back to Sioux City, she has been immersed in domestic life with her three kids, three dogs, and three husbands-ooops-she means husband. 


She is a Critical Care travel nurse who doesn’t have much free time. When she does get that rare moment, she enjoys botany, making music, and cycling. As her kids grow up and need her less, she hopes to return to the stage more often. Welcome back, Lacey!

Alma: Pamela Barry
Pamela Barry 1.jpg

Pamela Barry has been enjoying her retirement hanging out with her husband, Bob, their kids, and grandkids; and pretending to be an old person on stage at LAMB Theatre!!


She’s pleased to be back on stage as Alma in the current production of

Hollywood, Nebraska and very proud to be sharing the stage with a group of wonderful, talented artists. She is also extremely grateful for husband Bob’s support and understanding! Recently Pam was seen in Unnecessary Farce, Outside Mullingar, and Boeing Boeing.

Robert: Brian Hamman
Brian Head Shot.jpg

Brian is excited to present this new work by Kenneth Jones. He has most recently been seen on the LAMB stage as Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie, Eric in Unnecessary Farce, Michael in An Act of God, and Rodolfo in Matilda.


In the "real world,” Brian works as a Bank Examiner for the FDIC. He graduated from the University of South Dakota with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He is thankful for the support of his husband, Donny, and his cast mates.

Katie: Grace Powell

Grace Powell is a junior at Dakota Valley High School. She has been with LAMB Theatre for almost her entire life, but her first main stage performance was at the age of seven.

Andrea: Jamie-Lynn Riffenberg

Back from living a beat in Omaha for work, Jamie-Lynn is so excited to be back on the LAMB stage! She has been involved with virtual LAMB productions since the pandemic started, but hasn't been on stage since her portrayal of Dahlia in Hate Mail back in early 2021.


Off stage, Jamie-Lynn works in Property Management for MIMG, specializing in affordable housing. She is an avid creator of whatever media she can wrap her hands (and mind) around, and loves to play games of any kind. Live theatre is Jamie-Lynn's biggest passion, and she hopes that you can see all the hard work and love that was poured into the wonderful show you are about to see.

Lance: Gabriel Ruiz

Hi, I'm Gabriel Ruiz and I'm 22 years old. Earlier this year I performed in Toni n' Tina's Wedding as well as Shrek The Musical, both with New Stage Players. This is my first show with LAMB and I couldn't be more excited. When not on the stage I love connecting with people, learning new things, and relaxing outside.


I want to give huge thanks to Brock Bourek for reaching out to me and asking if I was interested in auditioning, to Russell Wooley for his help and guidance throughout the rehearsal process, and to the truly wonderful cast and crew I've had the joy of getting to know over the course of this production.

Special thanks to: The Sioux City Railroad Museum, The Petal Pusher, & Robert Barry.

LAMB Theatre Staff & Team Members:

LAMB Arts LTD.                                                LAMB Arts LTD. Board

Executive Director                                           President

Diana Guhin Wooley                                       Darlakae McGhee-Mahon

Managing/Artistic Director                             Vice President

Russell J. Wooley                                              Dr. Pamela Barry

Theatre Administrator                                   Treasurer

Brock Bourek                                                   Matt Cihak


Box Office Manager                                        Music Director/Choreographer

Lindsay Washburn                                          Donald E. Short III


Resident Costumer                                         Shop Technicians

Randy Peters                                                   Russ Woods, Greg Adler


Community Development                             Director of the LAMB School

Randy Peters                                                   Diana Guhin Wooley

LAMB Arts LTD 501(c)3:                                  LAMB School Staff

EIN: 20-369-4629                                             Diana Guhin Wooley, Russell J. Wooley,

                                                                            Liz Paz, Emili Schultz, Brock Bourek

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