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The LAMB School of Theatre & Music

We're BACK!!!

This past year plus has been quite a "learning experience" one could say.... On the plus side it gave us all time to miss our students and to get excited about approaching arts education in a new and refreshed way.   We are so excited to welcome you back!


At this point in time we don't anticipate doing any online classes....we want and need to see our students.   So you will be joining us at our current location at 417 Market Street. 


We are now offering arts experiences for people from age 4 to as adventurous as any senior citizen would like to be!  

If you see a class and a time that you DEFINITELY want, please help us fill the class.   We are unable to conduct a class with less than 5 students.   If you do sign up for a class that ends up with less than 5 we will do our best to find an alternate time that might work for you.    Also....if you find that you don't see a class you want at the time you desire, let us know and if we can fill a new spot, we will do so!   In theatre we are flexible!  

We hope to see you and your family at LAMB....classes AND at the Shows!

Diana Wooley

Executive Director and LAMB School Director of Education



Contact us!

Tel: 712-255-9536

We don't teach...we inspire...​

LAMB has been offering quality arts programming for young people since 1989. We've got a wide range of classes for most age groups, designed to challenge and inspire our students. The arts are important; and no matter where they end up in life, the skills our students learn serve them well.


Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment so that creativity and proficiency can prosper. And not to toot our own horn, but we think we do a pretty good job. Our students will back us up on that. Many of them tell us that they wish every day was "LAMB Day!"

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