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The Last Three Weeks of June

June 8 -26


Monday - Friday

10:30 am - 11:30 am


New "Project/Product " each week

Three Options to Participate.  (See Below)


For students who have successfully completed Kindergarten through those students going into 12th grade in the fall. 


With the recent change in our environment  it became clear that in order to do LAMB Ewe-niversity, we would have to come up with an innovative method to socially distance yet still be highly social!!!   Voila!   ZOOM-niversity 2020 is born.    Our teachers are excited and have come up with a great, ACTIVE, and creative new program fashioned after the EWE-niversity we have loved for 32 summers...but now in a new format!


This WILL NOT be a strain for homework unless your child wants to add to what the ZOOM-niversity workshop was doing.   The child needs a computer, ipad, notebook or smart phone with internet access....and an alarm to remind them that we start at 10:30am sharp!   For siblings, an additional computer etc is needed plus an area in the home where the kids can be separated for their separate teachers.  

The Daily Schedule:  All students will start together with Mrs. Wooley before going into their age appropriate "Breakout Rooms" to work together in artsy, fun ways.  The hour will end again with all the students and Mrs Wooley.   We will open up the "classrooms" for students to have 10 minutes of unstructured time to 'talk together after class.".     (In other words, for those students who want to take advantage of the additional time, their classes would be done at 11:40.  


We can promise that this program will be INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, SAFE, ENGAGING, ENGAGING, ENGAGING, THEATRICAL, ARTSY, INCLUSIVE, SOCIAL, STRUCTURED and did we mention....ENGAGING?   In this format we will be able to accomplish different aspects of creativity and the theatre than we are able to do in the EWE-niversity format.   


Each week is complete within itself.    There will be a different product/project that will represent to family and friends what was being accomplished each week.    Of course, we would love to have students for ALL THREE WEEKS, but due to this format we are able to provide flexibility for those with scheduling conflicts. 

Registration Options

Three Week Session (June 8 - 26) 

This is the preferred option.  

Cost is $150

($15 off for sibling #2 and #3)


Two Week Session

 (Each of these weeks must be full weeks in any order ie:   Week 1 & 2.  Week 2 &3,  Week 1 & 3)  

Cost is $110

($10 off for sibling #2 and #3)


One Week Session 

(This must be one complete week)

Cost is $60

($5 off for sibling #2 and #3)


PLEASE NOTE:   We do have a number of computers, notepads available for families, if needed.   However, the family would still need to have reliable internet access.

Use the register now button to register your student! 

We look forward to seeing a bunch of you this June!

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