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Our Mainstage is just that: our main stage.


The Mainstage seats about 170-200 and features tiered seating; combine that with that fact that our auditorium is only eight-rows deep, you are never too far from the action. A few years back, our fundraising efforts resulted in new chairs to help our patrons watch our shows in comfort. And our productions are benefiting from state of the art lighting, made possible in part thanks to The Gilchrist Foundation.




The BOX is our second performance space, inspired by Black Box theatres.


Smaller and without a permanent stage, The BOX features a floating light grid so we can change the orientation and audience seating. In The BOX, you can expect to see everything from edgy to casual, a fully dressed set to a minimalist staging. Depending on which seating configuration a production is using, The BOX seats 40-60.


Also known as The Young People's Theatre at LAMB.


The Youth stage are shows for young people by young people; productions in this series are intended as practical applications and professional learning experiences for our students at The LAMB School. But don't let their age fool you; there's a LOT of talent up on that stage!


Youth productions can take place on The Mainstage or in The Box, and are part of our regular theatre season.

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