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The LAMB School of Theatre & Music

Register for Classes before September 5 and the $35 student registration fee is waived!!!!

Use code EB2019 when you check out to receive that savings!

A note on registering ...


After you click on “Classes” below to check out our class offerings, you will click on a button that will take you to a secure site called Active Network. Once you create a password, your information is recorded for you for future use.


You select your classes and proceed to checkout. (Do not use the Registration Protection…it does nothing for our families but Active Network is required to put it on all their forms)


Before September 5, use code EB2019 when you check out to have your $35 registration fee waived. All discounts will be figured before final checkout. You are not committed until the very end, so that if you want to try a few different combinations of classes to get the best deal, go ahead!




Monthly payment plans are available for any and all of our classes, lessons, or workshops. Tuition for 2019-20 is the same as previous years, plus there are also discounts available for:

  • A student taking 2 or more classes.

  • A family with siblings registering for 2 or more classes

  • Discounts for family members taking Musical Theatre classes

  • Deep discounts for additional siblings in Stomp & Shout classes


Contact us!

Tel: 712-255-9536


5-10% off on additional classes taken by the same student.

25% off on the additional students when 2 or more family members are in the same class.

Talk to us!
We will do our best to help you decide on classes and lessons which will fit into your family’s budget.

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LAMB School Policy:


No student will be permitted to begin classes or lessons without having the entire registration process completed, including selecting a payment method.


Annual Registration Fee

There is a one-time annual registration fee of $35 per student, no more than $70 per family. The registration fee is to be included in the first month’s tuition payment.

Tuition Payments:

You may pay in full or you may select a payment plan. Your payment plan is set up by dividing tuition into nine specific payments over the school year, paid on the 1st of the month after initial enrollment. There are no refunds for the first or last month’s tuition. In the rare case that a student would need to drop, The LAMB School must be notified thirty days prior to the next due payment.


Payment Plans Methods:

Automated Checking Debit - This option withdraws automatically from your checking account. (Please attach a check to your ACH authorization form with your first payment)

Postdated Checks - We can hold post-dated checks to deposit at the beginning of the month. Please attach all 9 checks to your registration form. (First month, then the 1st of the month for Oct-May)

Paid in 1/2 Tuition - Tuition may be paid in halves at the time of registration with cash, check or credit card and again by Week 14. 

Paid in Full Tuition - Tuition may be paid in full at the time of registration with cash, check or credit card.


Credit Card Fees:

We do accept all major credit cards - there is an $18 annual charge for credit card payment plans.



Workshop tuition may be split in half; the first half must be paid prior to the start of the workshop, and the second half would be due no later than the 4th week of the workshop. Registration fees do not apply to students that are only taking workshops.


Note: The Annual Registration Fee is only paid once per year. If you have already paid the fee, it will not be assessed for any additional classes that are added throughout the year.

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