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What our students have to say...

Many of our students continue a life long relationship with theatre.


I have been a part of Lamb since before I was one. I love Lamb so much and all of the people there. The year-round classes that my sister and I take are so amazing. The summer camps are fun! The shows are really great to watch and be apart of. Lamb is basically my home.


Sarah B.
LAMB School Student

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LAMB not only helps children to become adult professional actors and theatre goers, it also helps young people to become professional adults, no matter what they do with their lives. It teaches kids to be responsible, work well as a team, and to beproud of their individuality. I’ve had many friends who attended LAMB and went on to be successful and happy people in whatever they chose to do. I feel very thankful to have had LAMB in my life growing up. Russ and Diana Wooley really have a special company that enriches the lives of Siouxlanders year round. I hope they continue to produce top quality, real live theatre and to teach children that life can be fun and rewarding.


Selena Robison
Former LAMB student and LAMB Ewe teacher

Currently working as the lead singer with Stiletto Entertainment on Holland cruise lines
Trained at Webster University, St. Louis, MO

2010 - present

I think LAMB gave me the strength to keep trying for my dream. LAMB has stayed with me through my life. I have had turns and upsets but in the end there is always atheatre to audition for or a show to see. This is what LAMB has given me. Those experiences and memories will always keep me involved in the theatre world.


Katie Driscoll
Former LAMB actor, student, and Ewe teacher

Currently an actor and stage combat instructor in Seattle, WA

"LAMB gave me the strength
to keep trying for my dream."

2010 - present

I'm back to write another positive review about the Lamb Arts Regional Theater. My children have grown and matured so much from the experiences they have been a part of in the theater. I continue to be blown away by the talent I see on the stage at shows and how moved I have been by the performances! The dedication of the staff at Lamb is evident whether it be through programs that are offered or the entertainment they provide. We are blessed to have such an organization in our community!


LAMB School Parent

Review shared through

Closing Night of “Nunsense”, Russ and Diana said good-bye to me in the front hall. Russ put his hands on my shoulders and told me how proud he was of me, and how much I had grown during the course of the show. I bawled my eyes out. I felt so proud of my 16 yr old self, and so grateful that they had taken a chance on a 16 yr old kid with their show. My time with Diana, Pam Ferdig (Barry) and Mary Madsen made a huge impact on my life - they were so accepting and encouraging and supportive, and they really made me feel welcome, and CAPABLE of joining their highly talented roster. - I adore those women. I think the above says it all...but really, just knowing that I could have a place where I thrived at something, where I could really grow and be free to make mistakes and learn from was incredibly valuable. I LOVE working in the theater, and I have been working on the stage in one way or another since my first exposure to it all with Diana in those summer classes.


Amanda Sprague Hanzlik
Former Lamb student and Actor, Mother of two

MA from Columbia University, BA from the University of IA
Part time teacher at the University of Connecticut Community School

My years at LAMB have shaped the way I work in everything to this day. One of the most important things it taught me was the realization that there are no small parts. Every role, whether it be backstage or onstage, is of the same value.I have trained at some of the finest programs. But the fundamentals of my education can always be traced back to LAMB.

Victoria Scott
Former LAMB student, actor, and Box Office Manager

Trained at The Theatre School, DePaul University and The Neighborhood Playhouse
Currently an actor in NYC performing onstage and at the Tribeca Film Festival

I am who I am, because of them. LAMB taught me so much more than just how to perform, sing, and act. It taught me to believe. Whether you want to be an amazing actor/actress in New York City, or an aspiring singer in Nashville, Tennessee, LAMB showed me that nothing is impossible.

Katie Admire
Former LAMB student and actor

Degree in Commercial Music from Belmont University, Nashville TN
American Idol season 8 Hollywood Finalist

"LAMB taught me so much more than just how to perform...
it taught me to believe..."

These experiences at LAMB fueled my love for the spectacle of theatre and also my appreciation for the craft and the work that actors put into every role they play. Even more importantly I thank LAMB for instilling in me a confidence in my imagination and my ability to play and create. When I went to study Theatre in college I felt I had been wonderfully prepared to collaborate with other theatre artists because of the education I had received at LAMB onstage and off.


Emily Happe

Former Lamb student, actor, and Ewe teacher
Currently an actor in LA (Has appeared on episodes of THE BIG BANG THEORY, MONK, CSI:NY and DIRTY SEXY MONEY)

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