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WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S LONG LOST FIRST PLAY (abridged) is produced by special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing Inc, NYC (


TIME:  Present Day

PLACE:  The LAMB Theatre Stage

Production Team:

Director— Russell James Wooley

Costume Designer— Randy Peters

Set Designer— Russell James Wooley

Lighting Designer— Rick Goble

Sound Design— Russell James Wooley

Stage Manager— Aubrey Hanks

Technical Team:

Backstage Costumers— Christine Madden & Diana Wooley

Lights & Sound Board Operator— Aubrey Hanks

Set Construction— Russell Woods & Gregory Adler

A Special Thanks To:

Jason Latta, Molly Tomke, & Tanya Burow.

Our Wonderful Season Partners:

Cast List:

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Dan Rubens

Dan's excited for his second show at LAMB Theatre. Dan is a speech-language pathologist at MercyOne. Prior to moving here, he earned his masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Rush University in Chicago--the city where he lived for 7 years after earning his BA in English and BFA in Theatre performance from the University of Michigan.

Favorite past roles include: Angelo in Measure for Measure, Marc in Art by Yasmina Reza, Moss in Glengarry Glen Ross, and all the little parts that he played at Shakespeare Santa Cruz.


A big thank you to Russ for bringing Dan into the LAMB family. Enjoy the show!

Austin Brunick

Austin is thrilled to be at LAMB Theatre again for another crazy show. He wants to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy lives to come see this production, and he is excited to entertain.

He also wants to thank his beautiful wife for putting up with late nights and for being a single mother to their puppy during the rehearsal process. Austin hopes you enjoy the show!

Brock Bourek

Brock is the full-time Theatre Administrator for LAMB Theatre. He was most recently seen in The Glass Menagerie (March 2022). This will be Brock's 4th appearance on the LAMB stage. He also works at Grace United Methodist Church as a Co-Director of Christian Education, & a very part-time job at Hobby Lobby. Brock also serves as the Vice President of Siouxland Growth Organization.

Brock would like to thank his extraordinary cast mates (especially for their patience). Brock would also like to give a special thank you to Marc Baue, The Platte Valley Playhouse, Taylor Clemens, LAMB Staff, & Brock's mother Stephanie; for all their love and support throughout the years!

Backstage Dressers:


Christine Madden

Christine is excited to return to LAMB Theatre! She was last seen in LAMB’s 36th Season in They Called Her Beautiful, a new musical by Diana Guhin Wooley.  


Since LAMB’s 36th Season, Christine has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre, completed two internships with The Walt Disney Company, and is currently working in the Humanities Department at Morningside University.


She would like to thank her parents and sister for their love and support as well as the cast and crew for their hard work and camaraderie.

Diana Wooley

Diana Wooley, Dresser, began her lifelong calling as a dresser with a pair of pink sockies which she nattily placed on one foot and in the mouth.  She graduated to full-time self-dressing by the age of six and equates being a dresser for Shakespeare’s LLFP akin to attempting to wrangle three squirmy toddlers who just want to go out and play with their friends.

Diana is enjoying this fun change of pace and encourages others that one doesn’t have to sing, act or direct to be actively involved at LAMB.  There are so many fun experiences to be had!  Love to “these crazy boys”.

LAMB Theatre Staff & Team Members:

LAMB Arts LTD.                                                LAMB Arts LTD. Board

Executive Director                                           President

Diana Guhin Wooley                                       Darlake McGhee-Mahon

Managing/Artistic Director                             Vice President

Russell J. Wooley                                              Dr. Pamela Barry

Theatre Administrator                                   Treasurer

Brock Bourek                                                   Matt Cihak


Box Office Manager                                        Music Director/Choreographer

Lindsay Washburn                                          Donald E. Short III


Resident Costumer                                         Shop Technicians

Randy Peters                                                   Russ Woods, Greg Adler


Community Development                             Director of the LAMB School

Randy Peters                                                   Diana Guhin Wooley

LAMB Arts LTD 501(c)3:                                  LAMB School Staff

EIN: 20-369-4629                                             Diana Guhin Wooley, Russell J. Wooley, Liz Paz, Emili Schultz, Brock Bourek

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