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We feel super awesome about our contributions to our community. Here are some kind words from members of the LAMB family about how we're doing.

Love the Lamb Theatre!!  Everything I have seen there has been awesome....always look forward to a evening of LIVE theatre.

Gina B.

LAMB Theatre Patron

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We just witnessed an authentic Anne Frank. Exquisite.

Terrill Mackey

LAMB Theatre Patron

LAMB Theatre is a tremendously important part of the the cultural scene in Sioux City and the region. LAMB brings to Sioux City a wonderful mix of current and significant small-stage theatre shows that rival that of many larger metropolitan areas. They are a truly professional organization and committed to the Arts in Siouxland.

Roger J. Caudron

Former Executive Director, Downtown Partners, LAMB Theatre Patron

2010 - present

Your production was intense, thought-provoking, emotional....and extremely well done. 101 teachers and staff enjoyed this production. Thank you for scheduling a special performance of The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds for us.

LuAnn Richardson

Former Director of Secondary Education, Sioux City Community School District

2010 - present

LAMB is an awesome gift to Siouxland! Your high standards are very recognizable in everything you do. Wow! And I've had the privilege of being in some of your early shows. Diana, your arts curriculum is "right on". You've researched and educated yourself for best results. Thanks for all you do!


Nancy Conway Luikart
Professional singer, former music educator in the Sioux City Public Schools

"LAMB is an awesome gift to Siouxland! Thanks for all
you do!"

Lamb Arts Ltd. brings cutting edge theatre productions to our community and offers an excellent arts education program for all ages. They are a delightful group of professionals who run an efficient organization and are motivated by the love of their craft.



Theatre Patron & Volunteer
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The last time I went to a play was at the Richard Rogers Theatre on Broadway in New York City. It was a great play and I left in tears. But the performance I witnessed at the Lamb Theatre on March 16, 2009, was head and shoulders above anything I've seen on Broadway. I was in tears during most of the show.

The acting and singing was superb. Huck and Jim stole the show, but Tom Sawyer melted my heart. The large slave woman (who didn't have nearly enough singing parts) moved my spirit within me so intensely I don't believe that I will ever forget it. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime. I will be bringing my parents to the show before it closes, and hopefully my children and their spouses. What else can I say? It was so amazing! I can't believe that the Lamb Theatre has been hiding right here in Sioux City, practically under my nose.

Ta`Mara Hanscom

LAMB Theatre Patron, Sioux City

"I can't believe that the
Lamb Theatre has been hiding
right here in Sioux City,
practically under my nose."

LOVE live theater, and Lamb is the place to go to see the BEST!! Whether it's a comedy/farce, drama, musical, or even the youth productions, I am never disappointed with a Lamb show!! My season passes mean I get to share with friends and family...can't wait for the next season!!

Shay G.
Season Member

Review shared through Yelp

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