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Making theatre since 1979

40 years

of theatre...

LAMB Arts Regional theatre is a non-profit professional non-equity theatre. That means that we usually cast from an established company of actors, although we do sometimes hold auditions. Together with The LAMB School, we make up LAMB Arts LTD, a 501(c)3 non-profit company dedicated to enriching the arts in Siouxland through performance and education. We have a highly qualified staff working toward that goal.


Since LAMB Arts LTD inception, 5500 students have seen free theatre performances here, 125 students have received LAMB scholarships,78 workshops for students & teachers have been conducted, and 17 high school & college interns have earned credit at LAMB. And thanks to our generous patrons, we raised funding for new outside lighting, new theatre seats, and a new roof (kind of important, that one). Support like yours helps LAMB keep building for the future.


1979: LAMB formed

1986: Moved into Market St

1989: LAMB EWE was born

1999: LAMB School created

2002: THE BOX space added

2006: LAMB Arts LTD formed

2009: World Premiere of PANIC

2009: LAMB Caravan!
2010: New Roof Funds Raised

2012: 2012 TopRated NonProfit

2013: Christopher Gaul Scholarship

2013: World Premiere of Flames



Just Starting Out...


LAMB Productions Theatre was formed in July 1979 by
Russell and Diana Wooley.
The theatre's first production was
Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers which had a three
performance run at the Sioux City Hilton (now the Sioux City Hotel
and Conference Center). After sixteen "bus and truck" productions
at the Hilton, LAMB took a nine month hiatus to seek out a permanent home.


A New Home...


In November of 1986, after incorporating with the help and support of Marvin & Francis Kline, LAMB moved into the recently vacated Webster School building at 417 Market Street, where the company continues to produce theatre and teach classes for young people. The first fifteen years in this location, the theatre was known as a dinner theatre, with meals a featured part of the evening.


Hot Dog!


The Hot Dog Theatre for Kids series began. This series featured adult performers and a few child actors in productions, with a tasty Hot Dog treat after the show! These summer shows ran until 2000, when it evolved into The LAMB School Children's Theatre (featuring a cast of LAMB Students) and finally morphed into THE Young People's Theare at LAMB in 2010. Now LAMB School students - plus adults, as needed - are cast in productions geared for younger audiences (but entertaining for all ages)!


Imagine That - A New Member of the Flock


​In the summer of 1989, LAMB worked with the Sioux City Art Center to create Imagination Celebration, a federally funded arts education program; the birth of what eventually came to be called LAMB EWE-niversity. By 1992, the EWE was a totally self-supporting, theatre arts education program, offering classes for kids from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Packed with hands-on performing arts experiences, the EWE has filled thousands of children's summers!


All grown up...


Our arts education program took the next step – offering year-round curriculum through The LAMB School of Theatre and Music. Still an important part of LAMB operations, the school has a class for any individual – from babies to senior citizens.


Good things come in small packages.


THE BOX Theatre was created as a second performing space. Featuring a “black box” feel and seating between 40 – 60, depending on the production, the performances in this space are often edgier or more nontraditional theatre fare.


Betty, when you call me, you can call me LAL.


As part of the theatre's transition to non-profit status, LAMB Arts LTD was formed and continues to have a significant impact on the Siouxland community. As the new organizing body for LAMB Arts Regional Theatre (since 1979) and The LAMB School of Theatre and Music (since 1999), LAMB Arts LTD  (LAL) went forth with a mission of "creating and sustaining arts opportunities for people of all ages". The established LAMB name helped to jumpstart the newly formed entity into the community, creating partnerships with Mary Treglia/Camp Imagination, Siouxland Autistic Society/”Celebrate Autism”, Upward Bound, Girls, Inc., YMCA, area schools, both the Girl and Boy Scouts, and the families in the neighborhood in which the LAL building is located.


Now is a perfect time for PANIC!


The World Premiere of Stephen Dolginoff’s musical PANIC, the Story Behind The War of the Worlds Broadcast was performed by the LAMB Cast of Matt Rixner (Orson Welles), Wayne Blum (John Houseman), Donny E. Short III (Howard Koch), Allison Beumler (Vivian), Emily Dorsett (Penny), Michael Powell (Max), Reed Saunders (Jimmy). This fabulous production was directed by Russell James Wooley. Stephen Dolginoff’s original music was arranged by David Blackburn, and instrumental tracks were created by Donald E. Short III. The set and lighting design was by Michael Rohlena, with costumes by Karen Sowienski, and props and set dressing by Debra Marqusee.


LAMB on the road


The LAMB Caravan was created. The first Caravan traveled 2,137 miles through five states performing THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES. Contracted through West Lake Entertainment of Los Angeles, the Caravan performs for service organizations and schools in the Midwest. The first LAMB Caravan cast included: John-Emmett Mahon, Alissa Walker, Emily Dorsett and Reed Saunders. Diana Wooley accompanied them on their journey. This unique program offers a chance for older LAMB School students to experience touring a show. LAMB also sponsored POETRY OUT LOUD (POL) for the first time, which included Northwest Iowa students. That year, area high school winner and LAMB student, John-Emmett Mahon, won the state level POL championship and advanced to represent Iowa at the 2010 national event held in Washington, D.C., only to be follwed by another LAMB student, Grace Rants, who earned the same top honors the very next year.


Fund-Raise the roof!


It was quite a predicament when we found out our building needed a new roof. Thanks to an extremely successful fundraising campaign (and extremely generous patron support), we raised the $40,000 needed to make the repairs. We have been gifted with some fantastic grant opportunities that are allowing us to continue updating our facilities while preserving the history of our building.


Creation of the Christopher J Gaul Excellence in Acting Scholarship


​In August of 2013, Sioux City lost one of its acting treasures. Christopher Gaul was a key player in the theatre world of Siouxland for decades, and a cherished member of the LAMB family. To honor his memory, LAMB created the Christopher J Gaul Excellence in Acting Scholarship. Open to any graduating senior from Iowa, South Dakota, or Nebraska who will be majoring in theatre with an emphasis in acting, it is our greatest wish that this scholarship will make a lasting contribution to continuing the fine tradition of theatre that Christopher so eloquently embodied.


First for FLAMES! A Musical Thriller


​Season 34 marks the second World Premiere presented by LAMB! This remarkable show has been picked up by Samuel French for licensing, ensuring many future productions. However, LAMB's will forever be cited as the first! FLAMES, the Musical by Stephen Dolginoff - Directed by Russell James Wooley, with Music Direction by Donald E. Short III.

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